Insolence & Avenue Intimate Light – monthly photography contest


Intimate Light – A monthly photography contest

INTIMATE LIGHT is an open photography contest, sponsored by INSOLENCE LINGERIE and AVENUE MODELS.

Each month of the coming year, a jury made of designers and communication professionals will select amongst the entries, the 10 best pictures of you or any model wearing INSOLENCE lingerie. The panel will be looking at the composition, lighting, appearance and creativity of each entry. The same jury will decide on the 10 best images in order to select the grand winner of the month.

The winner will receive:

* A $10,000L prize from INSOLENCE and a $1000L rebate on registration to the AVENUE MODELS ACADEMY. The winning picture will then be published in AVENUE MAGAZINE and featured in high traffic blogs and groups.

The other prizes for runners up are:

2nd place: $5,000L Insolence store card.

3rd place: $2,000L Insolence store card.

4th to 10th place: $1,000L Insolence store card.


The rules are as follows:

* Wear INSOLENCE lingerie of your choice or ask a model to wear it for you.

* Produce the best picture following the theme of the month.

* Make sure you include the INSOLENCE main store in your picks. Any entry that does not follow this instruction will not be considered.

* Every month, prior to the 8th, send your image as a high quality JPG format to .

* Make sure you include your SL name in the file name otherwise the entry will not be able to be processed.

* Only one (1) image per participant per month. If you send several images, ONLY THE FIRST will be taken into account. It is your responsibility to send a definitive version that you would like presented to the jury.

* Join AVENUE MAGAZINE READERS GROUP for more contest updates and enjoy freebies and prizes.

* Members of the jury CANNOT submit entries.

* No total nudity will be accepted or sexual depictions. No entries of child avatars will be accepted.

* The jury has the power to decide if a picture doesn’t comply with the above rule.

* The final decision of the jury is definitive.

* Post processing is allowed. The final jury decision will not be based on technical skills however.

* Images must be a minimum 1024 x 1024. Maximum 2048 x 2048. Any sizes in between are permitted. Images can be square, portrait or landscape. Images must be sent as a high quality JPG file. Minimum of 100 dpi.

* The image published in AVENUE MAGAZINE will be resampled to a maximum of 1024 pixels in the biggest dimension.

* By sending your image to the contest, you accept that you transfer all copyrights and ownership of the said image to Camilla Yosuke. The winning image will NOT be used other than publishing it in AVENUE MAGAZINE, in various blogs on internet, and displaying it in the INSOLENCE main store. Royalty claims of any sort will NOT be accepted.

* Entries received after the 8th of each month, 24:00 SLT, will be postponed to the following month.

* The winners will be announced first in AVENUE MAGAZINE, in the next issue after the 8th of each month. The winners will then be announced in the INSOLENCE Updates group and blog. The winners will also receive a letter from INSOLENCE and AVENUE MODELS with an explanation about how to claim prizes.


The first edition of the INTIMATE LIGHT contest will be the January edition. The details are as follows:

Entries will be sent to , commencing January the 9th , and before the 8th of February 2009, 24:00 SLT

The theme for this month is “Icy weather, cozy at home”.

The results will be published in AVENUE MAGAZINE in the first week of February 2009.


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