AVENUE uncovers more scam reports

AVENUE uncovers more scam reports

Since our post yesterday, we have had several RL companies writing in to us and informing of a further scam probably by the same individual that went under the moniker of Thomas Brown this time going under the alias of Michael Jones.

Once again, we would like to state that we are not associated with Michael Jones or Thomas Brown in anyway and if you do receive an email such as the following, please do not respond as it is obviously a scam.

We are a virtual company based in the virtual world Second Life (http://www.secondlife.com) and only the CEO Rusch Raymaker possesses the rights to approach real world companies on behalf of AVENUE Models or AVENUE Inc.

Sample of Scam Letter

My name is Michael Jones,I am a freelance agent for Avenue Models magazine company in the United States,the website of the magazine is http://www.avenuemodels.wordpress.com and I currently need a Photo Wizard who is interested in collaborating with awesome photographers who are creative and love to make images look flawless and edited to perfection for the next edition of the magazine.I need a creative Photo Wizard with a never ending imagination,I saw your profile while surfing the internet on Model Mayhem website, I appreciate them and I would like us to do some works together.I presently have good offer for you,the company I work for has opportunities for Photo Wizards.I want to know if you are interested in the job because I need a Photo Wizard who can make images to stand out and catch the eye in next edition of the magazine.Please let me know if you are interested in the Job.

Michael Jones


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