AVENUE Models Academy Graduate Show with Sascha’s Designs & Mmmm

Congratulations to the latest class of AVENUE Models Academy graduates where everyone passed with flying colours in the course and have been invited to join AVENUE Models.  Simone Dreamscape, Chamonix Bordreaux, Cortney Prieto, Leslie Trebuchet, Devine Hunt and Liam Neizen strutted their stuff in the graduation show in the beautiful dresses of Sascha’s Designs and suits from Mmmm Designs and showed their true mettle and dedication to making a great show of themselves as new models of AVENUE.


Leslie Trebuchet in Sascha Designs' Grandiosa Gold

Leslie Trebuchet in Sascha's Designs' Grandiosa Gold

Devine Hunt in Sascha Designs' Enchanted

Devine Hunt in Sascha's Designs' Enchanted

Chamonix Bordreaux in Sascha Designs' Bella Turqoise

Chamonix Bordreaux in Sascha's Designs' Bella Turqoise

Cortney Prieto in Sascha Designs' Zuzu Purple

Cortney Prieto in Sascha's Designs' Zuzu Purple

Simone Dreamscape in Sascha Designs' Adoration Rose

Simone Dreamscape in Sascha's Designs' Adoration Rose

Liam Netizen in Mmmm Designs' Bond Blue Dinner Suit

Liam Netizen in Mmmm Designs' Bond Blue Dinner Suit

Full event pictures here at our Flickr Gallery. Photography by Tillie Ariantho.


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