Angels on The Runway for A Good Cause

Scenic Hills has announced a Designer competition and Model Pageant to take place on December 20th for a charity event supporting Cancer Awareness.

Entries are being accepted from Designers who have been creating in second life for under six months as well as from over 50 designers invited by the Scenic Hills Association. Designers are being asked to design outfits inspired by or centred around angels. The outfits will be showcased on December 20th, with the ten outfits being auctioned during the showcase event. A follow-up auction will be held on December 21st for the remaining showcased garments. Proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society. Entries should be submitted no later than December 6th.

Entries are also being accepted from models wishing to walk in the “Angels on the Runway” competition. Angels walking on our runway will receive a large assortment of prizes plus the chance to be named the “Scenic Hills Angel.” Entries close for the model competition on November 29th.

The competion is being sponsored by Runway Magazine, Nominee Skins, Luminous Designs, Mystical Designs, Le Boulevard Royal Magazine, Friendly Skyz Balloons, Razmataz Art, and PillowTalk.

For more information on how to enter please see the Scenic Hills Blog at The 6 hour gala is scheduled to take place beginning at 11 am on December 20th so be sure to mark your calendars!

For sponsorship or other inquires please contact Janelle Taurog, Event Director either in-world or at If you are interested in entering the event, please see the information in the blog.


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