Set Your Halloween on Fire with Rfyre

It’s that time of the year when cauldrons brew and our favourite goth desigenr Raven Pennyfeather of Rfyre has cooked up a web of divine avant garde collection for Halloween that will leave you tangled and wanting for more.

Halloween is Raven’s favorite time of the year. She loves everything about it–the dark cool spookiness of the evenings, the beautiful old ramshackle Victorian haunted houses, the smoky smell of burning leaves–even children ringing the doorbell for candy.

It is the time of year when the Empress of Goth shines.

So for Halloween and beyond, get tangled with a gorgeous dark dress with beautiful netting around the neck and skirt, wispy witchy hems, and a drop-dead sexy low cut jacket with wispy cuffs and super textured tight pants. Available in fiery crimson too and for the men no trick but a treat with a resplendent tweed cape over a handsome skirted jacket laced with spider webs and those same sexy pants.

So whip out your broom and sweep away the cobwebs and fly to RFyre today to deck yourself up in the most bewitching ensembles. Happy Halloween!


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