AVENUE Models welcomes Nancy Jie, Ex CEO of Instyle Fashion Agency

Nancy Jie, AVENUE Models Vice President (PR)

Nancy Jie, AVENUE Models Vice President (PR)

AVENUE Models is proud to welcome into the AVENUE family, ex CEO and Founder of Instyle Fashion Agency, Nancy Jie as our new Vice President of PR. For many who have known Nancy, she was a great steward in the fashion industry who rose from being a model to a fashion business professional that founded the Instyle Fashion Agency which grew from a modelling agency to encompass a models academy, mall and fashion magazine Esprit. With her expertise in events management and marketing, it was no wonder that Nancy garnered the support of whose who in SL’s fashion industry and has worked with fashion greats such as Digit Darkes, Callie Cline, Bianca Foulon, Minnu Palen, Indyra Seigo, Megg Demina, Sissy Pessoa and Stiletto Moody.

In her new role as VP of PR, Nancy will be doing what she does best in marketing to and liaising with fashion designers for fashion shows. In combination with the astute and dynamic show production skills of AVENUE Models CEO Rusch Raymaker, the duo will be a force to contend with where future AVENUE fashion shows are concerned.

Nancy Jie and Rusch Raymaker will be collaborating on many new exciting projects to come to raise the bar in the fashion industry. So stay tuned to AVENUE Models blog 🙂


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