AVENUE Models strutting it on Runway Magazine

A big thank you to the wonderful team at Runway Magazine for making AVENUE the featured agency of the month in the July 2008 issue. Lots of love to Maggie Mahoney for approaching us whom we absolutely love working with since our first project together last year, the beautiful word craftsmanship of Molly Dench and the wonderful pictures by Vera Canning who is also now one of our AVENUE Studio photographers – welcome aboard Vera!

Group shots feature the fabulous team of AVENUE namely :

Rusch Raymaker (CEO)
Loa Oryl (VP)
Shenandoah Saintlouis (Model Manager)
Kryptonia Paperdoll (Academy Head)
Autumn Thatch (Designer Agent)
Annette Wilder (our PR Queen from Wilder PR Inc)

Featured model on Runway Magazine this issue interviews our model, instructor and photographer extraordinaire Summer Deadlight…one of the top working models in SL 🙂 So read all about it her success story and the making of a truly great model.

And we would also like to welcome on board Sadie Ulderport into our first batch of AVENUE Models Academy whom has been sponsored by Runway Magazine as she begins another journey into the world of professional modelling and sharing her story with Runway Magazine in the months to follow. With the top working models instructing the course, may Sadie achieve to be the best model that she can be.


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